Inland .30 carbine m1a1 paratrooper

May 03, 2021. 09:22 UTC
Inland .30 carbine M1A1 Paratrooper
United States of America

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Inland div. m1a1 paratrooper carbine original wooden stock inland and General Motors stamp on barrel 9-43 (September, 1943) run. Proof “P” stamped on barrel just above the lower stock at the top of barrel. Original sights and receiver bolt. Proofing “P” on the hand grip is located on the front side of pistol grip below the trigger guard. Letter B stamped on the back left side of stock just above the pistol grip. Upper stock has an upgraded vented hand guard. Magazine release button has an “M” stamp and “E.I.” Stamped on the front side of the magazine release button. There is also what appears to be a “PI” stamped under the handle where the wire stock is connected.. original folding paratrooper butt stock leather material on stock in good condition. Production number cast into butt stock B257614 behind that there is an Asterisk type symbol cast and the number 4. Has an original spec fde green sling attached to the stock. Three 30rn magazines included.



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