Horn caved cups

Aug 09, 2018. 12:48 UTC
Horn Caved Cups
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Set of silver rimmed horn libation cups. Misc. group of horn cups


Parents bought at an antique fair in London 20+ years ago.

$200 - $1,200 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 5 hours
Aug 09, 18:08 UTC
By Nora Curl

The valuation here is for the set of 5 graduated carved horn cups with applied sterling silver rims and shields on each. The silver is English hallmarked. The value will greatly depend on when these were made and the silversmith; that information can be gleaned from the hallmarks. Please add the requested clear, in-focus, close-up of the hallmarks stamped on the silver one of the cups. There should be a leopard's head to indicate it is English sterling, there may also be a monarch's head in profile for whom was ruling when this was produced, an additional mark in either a lion passant, anchor or tower will determine in which city this was assayed (also the city usually from where the silversmith is closely based), the letter initials are for the silversmith(s) and the letter in a cartouche is the year cipher. These were usually made during the first half of the 19th century in the early Victorian era, though some can be found as early as the 18th century Georgian era. The estimate is based on recent past auction sales of comparable horn and sterling nesting cups though could be narrowed down better with an image of the hallmarks.

Scott miles Aug 09, 22:24 UTC

There are five nesting Silver rimmed horned cups. The others in the picture are random horned items and not part of a set.

Nora curl Aug 09, 22:49 UTC

Thank you for confirming the number. Please add a clear, in-focus close up of the hallmarks stamped on one of the cups.

Scott miles Aug 14, 17:39 UTC

Hi Nora. I deleted the images that were not the nesting cups and added two additional images to show the hallmarks. Looking forward to your response.

Klaus Aug 17, 10:35 UTC

Thank you for the additional in focus photos and deleting the unrelated photos. According to the hallmarks the cups were made in 1934 in Sheffield and distributed by Frederick C Asman & Co. The Frederick C. Asman hallmark was registered in 1899 and was used until the late 1920s. I would be fair assume that this previously unknown hallmark was registered by his son or relative. The outer shape and the type of characters are identical to Asman, except for the missing "C" and Frederick C. Asman is known to have sold near identical beakers. I would set the estimate at the lower end of the given spectrum. The beakers in your possession are rather late and comparable sets sell within the 150-250 USD range.

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