Folk art stool/chair, or table

May 23, 2020. 23:44 UTC
Folk art stool/chair, or table
United States of America

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Hand carved from one piece of wood. Ht. 16 inches. Circumference 38 inches. Width leg distance approx 7 inches.



Answered within 3 days
May 26, 11:58 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€50 - €80 EUR

Insurance Value

€130 EUR
What does this mean?

Dear Stacey,

You have a side table made most likely in Japan in modern times. I believe its made after 1990. Its all hardcarved and handpainted. Could also be made in an other country, maybe even in Africa but has the colours and decoration seen also in Japanese culture. I hesitate because Japanese ware usually are more detailed and hand carved objects are more rare in Japan in modern times. Nevertheless, it has some value on the market around the estimate I give you, its a decorative and colorful table.

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