David Nicholson 1843 4/5 Quart Made in 1948 (#1)

Jul 24, 2022. 19:22 UTC
David Nicholson 1843 4/5 Quart Made in 1948 (#1)
United States of America


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Liquor was made in the Fall of 1948 then bottled in 1954. Bottle is in good condition, tax tab has been broken with some hanging off the side. Liquor level is resting at the low shoulder line. Cork has been snapped at a 45 degree angle, when pulling cork only 1/2 of it comes out while the other 1/2 remains in place. Was purchased in Missouri and has the Liquor Control stamp. Unknown if the liquor has ever been served as I've got a similar bottle at the exact same fill line from the same year.


11" x 4" x 4"


This bottle came from a large collection in Belleville, IL purchased by me with 70 other bottles during an auction.

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