Chinese antique bracelet

Oct 08, 2019. 08:38 UTC
chinese antique bracelet


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24k gold (990)


it came from an old chinese cabintet that my friend luck got em, he got it from an auction . he's so lucky because no ome knows that the old chinese cabinet has a secret jewelry box inside and have some couple of antique jewelry's inside . golds and platinums and he gave me this piece of treasure .

Answered within about 13 hours
Oct 08, 21:34 UTC
By Klaus

Fair Market Value

$40 - $50 USD

Insurance Value

$90 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. Judging from the actual colour and the character "S" this appears to be silver, not gold. A chinese gold hallmark should read "pure gold" or " 足 金". I would rather read 足 銀 for pure silver. Also the specific gravity of gold is nearly twice as much as the one of silver. The combination of "pure" and "fineness 990" was introduced in 1989. It is a lovely well made bracelet and comes with a great story, but unfortunately it is not as expensive as you will have assumed.

Jaycee villadarez Oct 09, 19:23 UTC

hahaha 😂 i payed $54 dollars just to ask for a jewelry ecperts or proffesionals . i already asked jewelers here in my country and they said that this is a 24carat gold . now you telling me that this is a silver ? haha is that a joke ? 😂

Klaus Oct 09, 19:42 UTC

according to colour and hallmarks it is silver. White gold would be an alloy, but a purity of 990 is impossible for white gold alloy. Have it tested with acid.

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