Childe harold's pilgrimage by lord byron

May 07, 2018. 01:48 UTC
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It is approx. 5.5in by 8.75in in dark brown leather. The end pages are sky blue. The edges are gilt.


I got this book at an estate sale. The research I have done, compared to other books, this book has no illustrations, frontispiece, title page, publisher and printer details. The only details are on spine. If fly leaf page is counted, preface would be page vii and the next page as stated is page viii. Implying no missing pages. It has only the first 2 cantos which were issued in 1812, cantos three and four appeared in 1816 and 1818 respectively.

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$300 - $900 (United States Dollar)
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May 09, 19:09 UTC
By Nora Curl

This is an early 19th century printing of Lord Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Volume I, as shown on page 300, was printed by T(homas) Davison of Whitefriars London, likely for John Murray. The narrative poem was first published from 1812 - 1818 and describes a young man who is disillusioned with life. This copy does not have a fore-edge painting. Theoretically, there are 2 possibilities as to why this does not have the title/frontispiece nor interior illustrations. Either it was (1) a proof copy for John Murray or when this was bound by hand, the initial title pages were overlooked and left out. Since this was not machine bound, there was certainly room for human error.

Rakesh sehdev May 09, 22:17 UTC

The book shows no details about publisher or printer. It does not have any fore edge artwork. Your appraisal does not tell me why this book has no details, why would it be printed without any. Your description and price is similar to a book on sale on Abebooks which I have already seen sometime ago.

Nora curl May 09, 22:21 UTC

In the image of page 300 that you provided, the Printers name, T. Davison is at the bottom of the page after 'The End'. Thomas Davison of Whitefriars printed the Byron volumes from 1812 to about 1819 and he did so for John Murray. The estimate will be adjusted to reflect no fore-edge painting.

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