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Jun 21, 2022. 11:16 UTC
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The Art Print is of a Watercolor painting of Mt Cook, otherwise translated in New Zealand Maori as Aoraki. Print paper Enhanced Matte - 230gsm Smooth Matte - 11x14 inches (279x356mm) art print. Package in crystal clear sleeve with backing card. The print was first created in Porirua, Wellington in New Zealand on 12/04/2022 and was completed on 22/06/2022. The print is new and Original and is Dated and Titled and Signed. The Watercolor painting was painted on A5,148x210mm, 240gsm, Acid Free watercolor paper and painted with Watercolor paint. I am the owner and Artist and I come from a Royal background. (The Art was edited a little). By the Artist: Elisabeth Cherubael Elijah Nicodemia


11x14 inches


The Watercolor painting Art Print is new and I am the owner and Artist. I come from Royal background. The Watercolor painting was created from the 12/04/2022-20/06/2022 and was edited a little. Overall it's an original piece.

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