An act for the uniformity of common-prayer, and service in the church, and adminif(s)tration of the sacraments.

Jan 09, 2018. 06:09 UTC
An Act for the Uniformity of Common-Prayer, and Service in the Church, and Adminif(s)tration of the Sacraments.

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Rough old leather bound, rough inside covers front & back, well aged pages. Cover pages (?) missing, one half torn page missing with aged edges of all pages. The "f" is used instead of the "s" most of the time. Kalendar used also. Includes actual act of Parliament to adopt the contents on behalf of English people. First page, Primo Elis, last page Finis - suggesting book contents are complete. Back of book has date 1778 hand written which could date the book to 18th Century.


Gifted by friend who had it passed down from relatives from England.

Answered within about 11 hours
Jan 09, 17:24 UTC
By Nora Curl

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$100 - $200 USD

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$300 USD
What does this mean?

This is an English Book of Common Prayer which was established for the Church of England by the Monarchy in 1549 which set forth an Act for the Uniformity of Common Prayer, Service in the Church and the Administration of Sacraments. This outlined the only legal form of Church worship in England. There were Parliamentary and changes by the Monarch in ensuing years. Your volume is likely later 18th century based on the printing style, book cover and handwritten notations. The estimate is based on actual recent auction sales of comparables.

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