A cast iron rectangular decorative grating

Sep 13, 2021. 09:12 UTC
A cast iron rectangular decorative grating
United States of America

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This decorative iron piece was auctioned off as a mystery piece and called an oversize trivet for hot pots and pans. I disagree. It has rubber tips on the reverse side unlike other trivets. It is quite heavy, and it measures 29 by 17.5 inches wide. The reverse side has quite a bit of rust.



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Answered within about 3 hours
Sep 13, 11:42 UTC
By Delia
The specialist needs more information

Hi Rhonda,

You find the most interesting things! This is really cool, and I agree that it was unlikely meant to be used as a trivet. Is there any evidence that there were once hinges on the sides, that this might have been a gate of some sort?

Thanks to advise when you can,

Rhonda guess Sep 15, 05:14 UTC

Hi Delia:
I looked and looked and tried different search terms and I found it on Amazon.com
Good grief. I went on a fool's errand. Sorry. It is a cast iron doormat. $80. Sigh.

Delia Sep 15, 09:47 UTC

Oh no! Sorry to hear and thank you for letting me know.
Between you and me, I think it's a pretty cool thing...and who ever heard of a cast iron doormat?
This could make a pretty cool coffee table sandwiched between two pieces of glass...

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