5 antique tsubas, 2 tsubas, 1 ivory/bone sheath/handle knife

May 31, 2020. 16:44 UTC
5 Antique Tsubas, 2 Tsubas, 1 Ivory/Bone sheath/handle knife
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Saber sword

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5 Antique Tsubas: 1) Tomosugu of Suwo Province, 18th century. 2) Yoshiro family school, 18th century. 3) example of Owari school, 18th century, cast & pieced. 4) sighed by Hounshi, an unrecorded artist, 17th century, Mokko-shaped. 5) 18th century, unkown artist. Photos & provenance available. 2 Tsubas probably purchased in Japan between 1970 and 1990. 1 Knife probably purchased in Japan between 1964 and 1970.


5 antique Tsubas from Jim Fine(?) collection Charleston South Carolina acquired in 1961

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Jun 04, 14:36 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$2,000 - $10,000 USD

Insurance Value

$12,000 USD
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Hello Mary,

Thank you for your appraisal inquiry with Mearto. I am very sorry for the delay in your appraisal. The items presented appear to be a collection of Antique Japanese militaria. Based on the information and images provided, it appears that the collection includes four 17th - 18th century tsubas, a Japanese short sworn, and a display of five additional tsubas.

The document you uploaded is very helpful, as in-person examinations of these items can provide detailed information for attribution and valuation. I will not repeat that information as you have it already. I will instead focus on the display of tsubas and short sword. It is likely a Kaiken. The short sword appears be be made a finely carved ivory tusk. I do not see any artist or school attributions. It does appear to date to the 18th - 19th century. The display tsubsa appear to be more decorative that the single tsubas, less finely carved and gilted. That is not to say they are not authentic or valuable.

A fair market value estimate of the collection as a whole would reach from $--- to ---. The estimate is based on recent auction estimates and results of similar objects. The estimate provided is contingent on the authenticity and a full condition report of the items. Thank you and please take care.

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