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Three works: The Incredible Avenue, 1946; Titanic Arcade Oak Alley, 1946; and A House and Its Own World, 1951 CLARENCE JOHN LAUGHLIN (1905–1985)
Five works: Transplanted France no. 1, 1938; Partial Triumph over Time, 1946; The Fruits of Restoration no. 5, 1947; A Louisiana Rarity, 1946; and Shadows of Peace no. 4, 1948 CLARENCE JOHN LAUGHLIN (1905–1985)
Four works: The Massive Columns no. 1, 1939; Memories of the Miss River Steamboat no. 2, 1939; The Luminous Columns no. 10 Oak Alley Plantation, 1946; and Under the Mighty Oaks no. 1, 1951 CLARENCE JOHN LAUGHLIN (1905–1985)