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“Old Masters” generally refers to painting executed by artists from the late 13th through the early 19th century and covers a wide range of various periods and European schools of art, including Dutch, Flemish, German, French, Spanish, British and Italian.  

When appraisers value an Old Master painting, some essential factors to consider are the artist, provenance, and condition.

Finally, the condition is an essential component of value. Since Old Master paintings are often quite old, the condition can vary widely. If a work has fallen into disrepair or undergone extensive restoration, these factors can impact value. While in some cases, restoration has positively affected an artwork. Any conservation should be carried out by a professional, who has extensive experience with Old Master paintings.

Artist is perhaps the most important consideration for old master painting appraisals. Artists with an established name and auction record are the most valuable. If the painting is a particularly fine example of a pivotal moment in the artist’s career or development, that can also contribute to an increased value. Attribution to a specific artist or a qualification of a work as being “Attributed to” or from the “Studio”/”Circle” or “Follower” can also impact that final valuation. If the particular painting is included in a catalog of the artist’s work, it will usually bolster the work’s value.

A detailed and established provenance generally adds interest and legitimacy to a painting. Once it has been esteemed by scholars and experts in the field, included in museum exhibitions, and or also once owned by an important collector, the value is positively impacted.

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