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What is my Antique guns worth

Firearms or gun collecting is a niche in the antique collection industry that is slowly gaining its ground. There are more gun collectors out there than you think, especially when it comes to antique guns. These guns, depending on the age and condition, could be worth a significant amount of money. This is another reason why collectors seek them out. Whether you like collecting antique guns for hobby or to make money, you need to know the in’s and out’s of this business first.

Hold on to that antique gun in your possession. Take time to learn about what causes the value of antique guns to fluctuate and how you can exploit that when trying to sell your old guns.

If you want to have a gun appraisal, fill out our form and send us detailed photographs of the firearm from different angles. Make sure you don’t forget to give us information about the condition, history, and provenance.

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Antique guns 22 Aug, 2019
Colt 1848 baby dragoon, made in 1847
A rare cased 1848 Baby Dragoon with accoutraments, all in good shape. The case is warped with a small patch of missing surface coverage on the lid. It has most all of its silver, except for a very small part on the trigger guard. This is an early version with three digit serial number, 171. This was made in 1847, not 1848. For the most part, this pistol has good bluing coverage, but faded. A close examination of this pistol shows a couple faces of the octagonal barrel showing spotty bluing, but the rest of it is good. One small part of the cylinder scene is faded, otherwise a strong cylinder scene. There are two small rust spots on cylinder, with one appearing over the cylinder scene itself. Despite a few marks, it has close to a 80% cylinder scene. The “Colt Patent” stamp is partially obliterated. The grips have one dent. Note that this pistol was made before the civil war. Because of this, it still is in unusually good shape, with a strong cylinder scene. The cylinder has been cleaned due to a flash rust problem, but a ligher coverage of grey patina is still there. There is a name stamped on the rear strap of “H. L. Bissel”. This was not done at the factory. The seller provided some provenance of this Bissel. There is one major concern. The barrel was made a year after the pistol was made. This could of been done at the factory. The barrel is stamped properly, but with a small difference in size, but using the same block style numbering that was used when compared to the other serial numbers used at a later time. This should come as no surprise for a serial number stamp made a year later. It is authentic and complete with all original parts. This even includes the small delicate trigger. This pistol shows no apparent use. The serial number is stamped at all the appropriate places. In a couple places, the numbers in a few places are distinct but not *completely* crisp. The varnish on the grip is in great shape.
Estimate: $5,000 - $10,000

Antique guns Appraisals


Types of Antique Guns Collected

When talking about antique guns, there are two categories that they typically fall under. The first one is the Muzzleloader, which is a type of firearm wherein the projectile is loaded into the muzzle. The antique collectors who buy this type of gun do so not for firing purposes. Instead, this type of gun is collected because of its historical value. They are often put on display to showcase them as part of a large collection of firearms.

The second type of antique firearm that is sought after by collectors is the cartridge-firing gun. It is also more commonly known as shell gun. It typically comes with an ammunition packaging and cased primer that is designed to fit into the firing chamber. This type of gun is collected with the intent of shooting.

In addition to these two general categories, the type of firearms that are collected by antique hobbyists can be recognized as follows: hand guns and long guns. You can distinguish the different types of guns based on the material used for making them. Most of these guns are made with aluminum, polymer, and steel.

Determining Value of Antique Guns

Whether you want to sell or collect antique firearms, you need to be ready to do some research. Not all antique guns are valuable or of a certain value. There are several factors that go into the process of assessing its value. Unless you have a trained eye or experience handling guns, you won’t be able to make that assessment yourself.

To help you out, the succeeding sections will tackle the factors that are used to determine the value of antique guns and firearms. You can get more information about each below so you can use them as guideline.

What is the Condition?

The condition of an antique gun will be one of the biggest factors for its pricing. No matter how valuable or rare the gun is, if it is in a pretty bad state, it won’t command as high of a price than one that is in a good condition. It does not even have to be in pristine condition – it should still be functional (or have most, if not all, of its parts).

As a collector, you need to determine what condition you would settle for. Most antique collectors or gun enthusiasts would be willing to pay for a gun with some honest wear. Some would prefer having a gun that is mechanically safe and functional over a gun that comes with 100% original finish. After all, it is an antique and it is expected to look its age!

Since the gun is a type of firearm, it is highly important to check the safety features of a gun as part of its condition evaluation. It can be rough to assess when it comes to guns particularly in terms of originality. Some guns have their parts replaced over the years. This could cause the gun to lose its originality. But in terms of safety, it has definitely improved in that department. How do you then assess what’s more valuable: originality or safety? This could vary in the eyes of the collector as each buyer would have different priorities. If you are not sure what the right approach is, you need to consult an expert appraiser.

Is it a reproduction or original?

During your research, you need to check if there are any reproductions made of a specific type of gun that you own (or think about selling). Without close examination, the reproductions can look a lot like the original. But an expert eye will be able to determine the difference pretty easily. If you are not sure if yours is an original or reproduction, it is best to have it checked.

Does it have provenance?

The provenance of a gun refers to any historical association it might have concerning its previous ownership. For example, your gun might have been previously owned by a famous personality or it might have an interesting story that ties it with some of the critical moments in history. Or better yet, the gun could have been part of a royal armory in the past. You will only determine the provenance of an antique item by doing some research. When an antique item has a special interest, it will significantly increase in value.

What is the make and model?

The make and model of an antique gun is one of the things that you need to consider when it comes to valuing the item. This is the first thing that is usually taken into consideration when assessing the value of antique firearms. In particular, collectors who buy antique guns based on specialization will look into this factor more closely.

The quality for each maker will vary significantly; this is one thing that gun enthusiasts pay a lot of attention to. In addition, some models or makes also have historical significance. It is therefore important to research on the background of a specific gun’s make and model to have a more specific approximation of value. Some of the most notable makes and models of gun throughout history include Smith & Wesson, Winchester, Remington, Luger, Enfield, and Arisaka. The best manufacturers command premium prices as some of them are associated with higher quality guns.

How rare is it?

The rarity of the gun is also one factor affecting value. Antique collectors are more willing to pay premium prices for novel items or early models that were manufactured in small quantities. Meanwhile, if you can get hold of guns that are examples of early technical innovations, then you can also command higher prices for those. Some buyers are even willing to overlook any minor defects or condition problems for those rare items.

Consider the Artistic Appeal

The artistic appeal of an antique gun is often overlooked. However, it can have some influence on the pricing of the antique firearm. There are a few firearms that are carved with fine engravings, which add to their artistic value. This is typically manufactured from the 18th to the 19th centuries. This period was known as the “Golden Age” when it comes to firearms engraving; therefore, you can get a good price for items that originated from this era.

Preserving the Antique Guns

Antique items require tremendous amount of care. It is essential if you want to preserve its value. Here are some of the best practices to follow when preserving an antique gun or firearm:

  • The ideal temperature for storing your old firearms is 70-degrees Fahrenheit or 21-degrees Celsius. If you store it at a higher temperature, the wood stocks on the gun might expand resulting in permanent cracks. You should also keep the humidity level at 50 percent.
  • Depending on the type of gun that you have, handling the gun with your bare hands is not recommended. The oil from your skin could result to damage on the gun’s exterior. Cotton gloves are the best types of protection for your gun when handling it with your hands.
  • Use a dry and clean cloth to dust off your gun. Avoid using any spray cleaning products.

Need to appraise your antique guns and firearms? brings experts on specific antique items so you can get accurate and honest appraisal on your valuable antiques, like guns. Before you sell your antique guns, make sure to have one of our experts have a look into it for a more accurate valuation.

Since the day they were invented in the 16th century, firearms have been passion objects for collectors. The subcategories consist of sporting, military or personal use guns. The affluent collectors interested in this category have scholarly expertise in the technical, historical and aesthetic details behind a piece. Whether it is a beautifully decorated rifle owned by military nobility of the old world, or a post-war pistol, the appraisal process behind a firearm is very detailed in order to come up with an accurate market price. Mearto puts you in contact with appraisal specialists who will assess your firearm in detail and then determine an estimated price at auction. If you want to find firearm appraisals, fill out our form and upload detailed photographs of your object.

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If I submit antique antique guns for appraisal, am I obligated to sell the antique gun collection?

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Can I ask the specialist a question about the value of antique guns?

Our firearms specialist is here to help you and they will happily answer your questions about the value of rare antique guns

Can you appraise any antique guns?

We offer you the chance to get an expert to review your antique guns online for only $15 - they use the different databases to locate the value and look at recent auction results

What happens after I receive the antique gun appraisal?

You then have an experts opinion on the value of your rare antique gun and a description from an expert