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What is the history of rings?

Humans have been making and wearing rings on their fingers for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians wore rings adorned with scarab designs 4 millenia ago. Etrusacans wore gold rings in the 5th century BC. Later, Romans made thick metal rings set with carved oval gems. In medieval Europe, rings were engraved with devotional or romantic messages. 

We often ascribe meaning to our rings, whether it is because of the event they commemorate, the person who gave them to use, or the material they are made of. Gemstones, for example, are infused with symbolic meaning and value, depending on the culture and time period. In modern times, we associate diamonds with marriage, for example. In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli, a vibrant blue stone, was highly treasured as being symbolic of the sky. In Chinese culture, jade has historically been the most highly valued stone, symbolizing stature and, long ago, celestial communication. 

How are rings classified?

Rings may be categorized a few different ways:

  • Purpose: We often use rings to signify marriage and engagement. Usually, these kinds of rings are recognizable by their style. Wedding rings are often simple bands and engagement rings usually feature a central diamond or other rare gemstone. Rings can also commemorate sporting events or designate membership in a team or club. Students sometimes are given rings when graduating from high school or college. Many rings carry no special meaning, however, and are simply worn because the wearer likes how they look!
  • Materials: Rings can be made from a multitude of materials. Jewelers may use one type of material for the ring’s loop and mount another on its bezel (or top). Some common materials are metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or copper, natural materials including wood, ivory, coral, shell, pearl, and amber, stones including jade, agate, jasper, and quartz, gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, peridots, amethysts, garnets, or citrines, and manmade materials like plastic, resin, or bakelite.
  • Era and Style: Rings come in all different styles, often representing the era they were made. An appraiser can help you to determine the time period and style in which your ring was fashioned. 
  • Size: Make sure to note the size of your ring when selling it. Jewelers have tools for easily finding this out. 

What was the most expensive ring ever sold?

There have been many astronomically priced rings sold at auction. Usually their price is based on gemstones that are rare for their size and quality. 

The most expensive ring ever sold is the Pink Star. Named after its 59.6 carat diamond, it went for $71.2 million in 2017 at Sotheby’s. 

The most expensive blue diamond ring ever sold at auction was the Oppenheimer Blue, a 14.62 carat diamond ring. It sold for $58 million at Christie’s in 2016.

How are rings valued?

Gemstones are valued according to different factors. One important measure is the weight of the stone, which correlates to its size. The weight of gemstones is measured in carats. When you think of a standard engagement ring, you might have in mind a stone between .5 and 1.5 carats. Compare that with the Pink Star diamond’s 59.6 carats!

The type of gemstone used in a ring also affects the value of the piece. Diamonds are currently the most expensive stone, based on rarity and their reputation as the hardest stone. They are often used in engagement rings because they are indestructible. They are usually colorless, but can come in a rainbow of hues. Clarity and size are important factors in determining the value of a diamond. With all gemstones, be aware that there are many artificial imitations. So, be sure to check with an expert to find out the true value of your piece. 

Rings can also be valued according to the value of their metal. The most expensive metals used in jewelry are platinum, gold and silver. Jewelers usually put tiny stamps on the inside of rings so you can know what kind of metal they are made of and its purity. For platinum, you may see “PLAT,” “PT,” or “Platinum” followed by “900,” “950” or “999” (the latter number representing the highest purity). 

Gold rings will usually be stamped with a number followed by “K”. “K” represents karats, the percentage of gold that is used in the alloy, or metal mixture. Metals that are used to form gold alloys include silver, copper, nickel and palladium. “24K” indicates that the gold is 100% pure. A smaller number, like “18K,” indicates that the metal is 18/24 gold. You may also see a different number stamped into a gold ring, instead of the karat amount. These numbers mean the same thing but instead of indicating gold amount as parts of a total of 24, they measure by parts per 1000. So, 24K is written as “999”, and 18K is written as 750, or 75% gold. 

Silver is often marked “925,” indicating that it is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or another metal. Gold and silver are usually alloyed with other metals because, although shiny and beautiful, they are too soft on their own and scratch easily with wear. 

These are only the most common marks used today. There are many more marks used in different countries and time periods. Be sure to get an expert appraisal of your ring to check its metal content. 

Would You Like to Sell Your ring?

Mearto offers two opportunities to sell your ring based on its current fair market value:

Customers with ring expected to sell for $5,000 or more can take advantage of our complimentary Consignment Concierge service. We will contact leading auction houses on your behalf, collect offers and help you negotiate the terms of a consignment agreement. There is no additional fee or commission for this service.

For customers with ring valued between $50 and $5,000, Mearto offers an exclusive Marketplace, which is accessed by a number of art, antiques and collectibles dealers around the world. If there is interest in your item, you will be contacted directly with offers through our platform. In the event of a successful sale, Mearto takes a 7% transaction fee.

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