Quick and affordable online appraisals of amber jewelry

Communicate directly with a qualified amber jewelry specialist and get a fair market valuation of your item, typically in 48 hours or less.

Quick and affordable online appraisals of amber jewelry

Communicate directly with a qualified amber jewelry specialist and get a fair market valuation of your item, typically in 48 hours or less.

How much is amber jewelry worth?

Amber is a unique and beautiful piece of natural polymer out of resin of prehistoric pine trees. It can be expensive when it is exquisite or even contain rare inclusions such as plants and insects that are preserved for years already.

Such amber, when it comes to jewelry, never get into the bottom list, as it is a refined piece and all natural. It is in fact categorized as a natural jewelry, ever since people in the ancient times noted the beauty of amber up to the present days.

The natural Baltic amber is incomparable when it comes to elegance with its exceptionally fine jewelry accessory. Compared to other precious and rare jewelry made from metal and minerals, amber is naturally alive. Colors of amber jewelry makes it more stunning and even radiating its beauty with many different distinctions from clear to opaque. Amber colors can also be designed as a combination of two or so to create a pattern with rich and regal designs and styles.

How much is amber worth?

Amber jewelry are unquestionably pricey. Those pieces containing any inserts or plants as inclusions are definitely more priced than plain clean pieces with no inclusions in it. One good example is the amber cabochons with no insect inclusions. It costs only a few dollars per piece, while pieces with easily seen or complete insect or plant specimens were sold for thousands of dollars higher.

How can you identify and value Baltic amber?

There are factors to consider on how to identify and value your Baltic amber. It is chiefly determined by its color, clarity, shape and the size of the nugget.


Amber in reddish color is more valuable than the golden amber, which is more valuable than yellow amber. However, it is rarely that strong fluorescence can give amber a bluish or greenish appearance, which when attractive can be highly valuable.


Amber that is transparent is more valuable than the cloudy one. Jewellers make use of an interesting plant or animal inclusion to add to the value to this kind of amber specimen.


Amber is available in different shapes depending on the style and design. It is commonly polished into a free-form shape that follows the original shape of the rough. It might then be set into jewelry or drilled for stringing. Cutting styles for amber include beads, cabochons, and free-form polished pieces. The price and value depends on which jewelry will each amber falls, such as if it is a necklace, a set or so.


Amber has a lower relative density than salt water so it can feel very light, even in large sizes. This makes it possible to use fairly large sizes in amber jewelry. The larger the size of the amber, the more pricey it becomes.

Is Baltic Amber more expensive than Amber from other places?

Baltic amber is generally more expensive than Dominican amber. 

How can I tell the value of my amber necklace?

The value of amber necklaces can be determined by its color. The clear lemon-yellow, or the cognac-coloured amber is the favorite by most jewellers. It is also called the trinket amber by some expert jewellers. And it is really expensive. It also has gems that are of nice natural shape which often used in pendant that are either be with or without carvings or any refinements.

The transparency of amber necklaces is also another thing. It is like a rule of thumb. Those pieces with rich primary colors are always been valued. But sometimes above rarer hues. For example, a piece of egg-yolk tint are more pricy than those perfectly clear pieces without inclusions. Semi-transparent amber necklaces of hazy or waxy quality is also another type of premium amber. 

How should I take care of my amber jewelry?

It is no question that jewelry can last hundreds of years and amber jewelry is of no exception. It can even be a great inheritance for the generations to come. However, to keep the amber quality last longer, there is only one thing you should do, but to keep each amber jewelry in its perfect storage conditions. 

This is basically because the stone is very soft. You may not know it but it is easier to scratch or chip than other precious stones, like diamonds. It is even better to keep your amber jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth each piece to prevent it from rubbing against each other.

How can you make sure that your amber is real?

In the modern world, there are thousands of ways to fake one thing from the original, and even for amber jewelries. In fact, there are several tests and techniques used to differentiate fake from the real, but even specialists mistakenly spot one from the other.So here’s one point, to differentiate a glass from an amber, always take note that a glass is heavier, harder and colder compared to an amber. Meanwhile, a copal is softer, easier to get scratched and it even melts at low temperature.

What is a fake amber inclusion?

Nowadays, there are a lot of fake amber industries comprised with relatively smart and inventive people. One way for them to provide fake amber inclusion include involves cutting a section from one end of a real piece of amber. So, there is a resultant space which is then drilled where an inclusion can be placed, an insect or an animal. Animals used are usually alive but only dies after the procedure and when molded with molted resin already. This section is removed and placed back inside the stone and immediately glued with a similar liquid resin. With this you can have a physically the same piece of true amber that nobody can negate its fakeness.

What should I keep in mind before I buy my first amber piece?

For every first time buyer, the most important thing you need to know is how to maintain the value and exquisiteness of your amber. Amber is soft and fragile, so it requires gentle treatment. You do not need to clean your amber jewelry with abrasive jewelry cleaners or wearing it while being highly active. To clean your amber, rub it with a soft cloth. Avoid spraying with hairspray or perfume, and apply these products sparingly where amber could come into contact with them.


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