Wooden carving

Dec 05, 2021. 03:40 UTC
Wooden carving
United States of America

Japanese art

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Picked this up at an estate sell.It was explained to me that the owners son brought it back from Japan after WW2.IT WAS TWO OF THEM,ANOTHER GUY PURCHASED THE OTHER ONE.


WW2 veteran owned it

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Dec 07, 01:15 UTC
By Denizalp D.

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$100 - $150 USD

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$100 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Jeffrey,

I’m glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal request,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, carving quality and the wooden composition,
I concluded that this is a ramed Softwood Carving dating back to mid-century (1940-1960). We can easily identify a natural composition consists of two birds, trees, floral decorations and the carved air. This sort of composition was very much used in the mid-century. I believe this was a touristic gift of an over average quality. The carvings are not very detailed but detailed enough to make you undersatnd the view easily.

When I took a closer look to this piece I can clearly detect some incredible precision in curves or corners. This does indicate that this piece was done by using an electrical device to carve softwood easily. Since softwood is already easy to carve this devices would fasten the process very much, therefore the producers could carve ore items in a smaller time. This piece does not have a high collectable or high artistic value but still very decorative and still partly hand made. In the air effects, I can clearly name a Japanese style. So I believe this is Japanese rather than Chinese. The frame is very thick since the piece does stretch to the back unlike it's many alikes of a poorer quality.

Dimensions: Unknown

Condition: Very good condition without any indicated chips or cracks.

Provenance: Previous owner's son brought it back from Japan after WWII.

Hand crafted from Softwood.


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