Winchester brass and bronze rifle 1860-1873

Nov 21, 2021. 17:24 UTC
Winchester brass and bronze rifle 1860-1873
United States of America

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Brass and bronze; model Henry Winchester rifle


Great grandfather

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Nov 28, 01:43 UTC
By Bo Stuck

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$4,000 - $4,200 USD

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$3,600 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry, and I apologize for the delay. Could you please send photographs of any markings on the top of the barrel? Also, please send close-up and detailed pictures of the lever, both open and closed. I believe it might be a replacement or modified in some way. This is a very special piece and I would like to make sure I can get you the most accurate appraisal possible!

Thank you,
Bo Stuck

Bo stuck Dec 10, 00:39 UTC


This is a Winchester Model 1866. This particular rifle was made in 1869, which is very early in the production of these rifles. They were originally produced by Winchester from 1866 to 1898. The model 1866 was the first gun to be produced by the newly formed Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and was an improvement upon the Model 1860 Henry Rifle. The notable differences between the two models are the addition of a wood forearm piece, a magazine tube separate from the barrel, and the loading gate. The loading gate was patented by Winchester's chief engineer, Nelson King, and his design would go on to be used in every major lever action design that would follow. This design was a massive success for Winchester, and the model 1866 put them on the map in the firearms world.

This particular piece is in somewhat distressed condition. The steel is covered in some significant pitting, and shows some degradation. It is covered in a dark, stable patina. The bronze, or "gunmetal" receiver is in good shape, with its original finish intact and consistent with its age. The lever appears to have been replaced at some point with one smaller than original. The hinged cover on the butt-plate is also broken off. Given the condition of this piece, and completed auctions of similar items, a fair market estimate is 4,000-4,200 dollars. Please reach out with any questions

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