Waltham usa pocket watch

Jan 13, 2022. 19:22 UTC
Waltham USA Pocket Watch
United States of America

Pocket watch

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Waltham USA Pocket Watch. Given to me by grandfather, came from his father. It is about 1 1/2 inches across. Appears to be gold


It was given to me by my grandfather, and I believe it came from his father.

Answered within about 1 hour
Jan 13, 20:13 UTC
By David

Fair Market Value

$80 - $120 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$80 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Chris.
Thank you for sending in this pocket watch to mearto.com for an appraisal. Mearto.com has asked you to answer certain questions about this watch, e.g. the precise diameter, photos of the inside of the cover and of the movement. You have failed to respond so that I have decided to describe and value what I can see of your watch and make this appraisal “Conditional” (explained below).
Gent’s gold colored, pendant wound and pendant or lever set, open face pocket watch of approximately 2.5”, Serial number unknown, case number unknown and case maker unknown, made by the American Waltham Watch Company, made circa 1910-1915.
Case: Client approximates the diameter as being 2.5” in diameter. Using arithmetic equations related to the size of the quarter in the picture I get the diameter as closer to 42.5 mm diameter case which would make this approximately A SIZE 12 case. There is no hinge indicating that the bezel and the back cover simply unscrew to remove. A gilt suppressed ball fluted pendant and horseshoe shaped bow sit at the twelve position. The bezel is broad and polished as is the back cover with no ornamentation. The watch is accompanied by a gold plated single Albert watch chain. Client states that his watch “appears to be gold”. However where the watch chain connect with the horseshoe shaped gilt bow the movement of the watch chain has worn away the gold surface and exposed an underlying metal, possibly brass. There is a bit of mild oxidation around the bezel with patchy areas of darkness. Looking at the gilt back cover it appears that there are several areas of patchy oxidation suggestive of a non-gold underlying case beneath the finish and a small ding at approximately the six position on the rear cover. My guess is that this gold case is likely a gold filled case rather than solid gold. The case appears to be in good condition.
Dial: This is an off white dial with enameled black Arabic hour chapter ring in the style of Breguet, sunken subsidiary seconds dial @6 and American designed steel spade hands. The upper dial center is marked, Waltham, USA. The dial has modest wear with specks of dirt, mold and oil, but n overall very good condition.
Watch chain: This is a single Albert watch chain with no marking on the individual links with any gold hallmark. It is likely a gold plated Albert watch chain.
This American company was the first to produce watches by the machined use of interchangeable parts. This was the vision of the founders of the company; Aaron Dennison, David Davis and Edward Howard. The initial company was located at Roxbury, Mass. in 1851, and was called the Warren Manufacturing Company. The business moved to Waltham, Ma in 1854 and the name had just been changed to the Boston Watch Company. That business failed in 1857 and was sold at a sheriff's sale, reorganized and called Appleton, Tracy and Company. In 1859 the Waltham Improvement Company merged with Appleton, Tracy to form the American Watch Company. Between 1859 and 1885 the firm operated under that corporate name. These early watches were key wound. Stem winding was introduced in 1870. The last key wound watches were produced in 1919. In 1885 the name was changed to the American Waltham Watch Company. In 1906 it became the Waltham Watch Company and in 1923 the Waltham Watch and Clock Company. Production ceased in 1950.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/303930670945?hash=item46c3adff61:g:MmQAAOSwYS5gWXmu (Offered for $105)
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https://www.ebay.com/itm/125032000748?hash=item1d1c7cecec:g:Ha0AAOSwpaxhqWt2 (sold for $78 in 2021)
I have called this a gold filled watch case and priced it as such.
The size is uncertain but in the size 12- 14 range, I believe.
The fair market value of this watch in its current condition would fall into the range of $80-$120. I am going to call the price a ‘conditional’ price. In other words if I find I have proof that the case is actually solid gold and a larger size (with proper measurement) I will have to raise the value I have provided for you. I just did not see enough of this watch or have any precise guidelines to value it in any other manner. If you agree with the pricing you need do nothing. If you want to elevate the value you have to prove to me that the watch is worth whatever you think it is worth. That is a form of Conditional appraisal.
Thank you for choosing mearto.com for your appraisal.

Dear Chris,
Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
Let me start by telling you that a pocket watch is very much like a book, in that the most important information is between the covers.
I cannot do a full and honest appraisal of this watch without the following photos:
1 - I need a close up higher resolution photo of the inside of the covers of the case where we shall find out who made the case and whether it is gold or not. The outer cover and the bezel simply unscrew by hand, if there is no hinge visible.
2 - I need a close up higher resolution photo of the movement where I can read the number that it is engraved on the movement.
3 - If you unscrew the bezel take a close up higher resolution photo of the dial.
**N.B. - If you plan to put this watch up for sale, no one will buy the watch without the information that is to be found between the covers.
Let me know that you received this email, please

This is a conditional appraisal, which means that we have not verified the authenticity of this item. Click here to learn more about the authentication resources that Mearto offers.
David Jan 13, 20:16 UTC

I also need you to measure the diameter of the case precisely, not estimated, and do not count the pendant crown in the measurement.

David Jan 14, 03:43 UTC

I really need some answer to my questions. I have placed the appraisal in the "missing information" folder on Mearto.com, where it will await some response from you.

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