Vintage coin operated white space shuttle electric "kiddie ride"

Mar 22, 2021. 22:40 UTC
Vintage Coin Operated White Space Shuttle Electric "Kiddie Ride"
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As shown is an electronic coin operated white space shuttle "kiddie ride" The ride does work as it should and moves back and forth when inserting a quarter and it also plays two different songs during the length of the ride. One song being the Star Spangled Banner. Came from a former small roadside amusement park that was opened from the 1970's through early 1990's. Can not locate a brand name, model number on it anywhere. Can not find one like it online, this one uniquely has a steering wheel, and none of the ones found online mention playing music like this one does. Was possibly wondering if this could have had decals on it at one time, and could have possibly been made to resemble the former American Space Shuttle Challenger that exploded in 1987. Still operated on a single quarter and the ride last about 2 minutes. Space shuttle is made of fiberglass, base is steel metal. Note: Upon further examination on the inside of the coin mechanism I did find a service record card, the mechanism was made in in Aug. of 1987 ,and has the "Coin Mech" logo on the mechanism. SPECIAL NOTE: This information might help, I found what possibly could be a brand name and have attached a photo of the name, along with the brand name on the coin mechanism.


The former roadside amusement park named "Guntown Mountain" in Cave City Kentucky owned it it's entire life. The park has been closed for years, and was in the town next to Mammoth Cave National Park.

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Mar 28, 18:01 UTC
By Leah I.

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$250 - $450 USD

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$700 USD
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Thank you for contacting Mearto. This is a 1987 coin-operated kiddie ride in the shape of a spaceship. The kiddie ride was first invented in 1930 by James Otto Hahs of Sikeston, Missouri. Initially, he used wooden horses not unlike those found on carousels, and commissioned carousel makers to make the horses.

There are many kiddie rides on the market. Hammer prices range from around $200 to around $500. I have included links below to several auction sales of kiddie rides. The Fair Market Value of your item is between $250 and $450.





Bryan smith Mar 28, 19:57 UTC

I must say I disagree with the appraisal and the comps you provided. Since it took 6 days to get a reply only after I sent a message asking about the appraisal did I get an answer, and the answer or "appraisal" you gave is way off. I had plenty of time to research the item myself. It is not from 1987 like you stated, the coin mechanism was put in it in 1987. Also, as recently as January of this year a ride just like this sold in the state of Indiana via auction for $1100. I will not be using anymore in the future, as I feel I have wasted my money on this specific appraisal however have been happy with your services until now. Do not know what has changed in regards to your quality of service but I am very unhappy.

Leah i. Mar 28, 21:24 UTC

We want our customers to feel that they have received a fair appraisal. I'm sorry that yours was so delayed, as this is not our policy. We appreciate your business and want to provide a service that you feel is satisfactory. On our Terms of Service page, there is information about our refund policy:

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