Unkle pointman alien characters x2 baby blue and green camo, futura 2000

May 06, 2018. 19:43 UTC
UNKLE Pointman Alien characters X2 Baby Blue and Green Camo, Futura 2000
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Two limited edition Unkle Pointman alien characters taken from the artwork and designs of NYC grafitti artist, Futura 2000. Bought around 1998 approx. I think they both came with a handgun and automatic. Now they only have one each. The finish on them is really nice and has a good feel. It is however quite brittle. The holster on the blue one has been reglued on many years ago and is fine but you can see the hairline crack when you take the handgun out but it could be completely concealed easily with a tiny bit of filler.


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May 08, 17:55 UTC
By Klaus

Fair Market Value

$100 - $400 USD

Insurance Value

$500 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. Surprisingly very little information is available about these cast plastic and spray painted figurines.
Another but mint condition figurine described as "UNKLE 77 BEN DRURY FUTURA 2000 POINTMAN MOWAX TOY ART GRAFFITI 1998 GREEN" is currently available for 220,- US $
The blue figurine might sell for nearly the same amount. But there was also a box set "Futura 2000 artoy Box Set - Blue Camo" . The Futura 2000 blue set featured the single “Nowhere to Run”, a blue camo Futura Pointman figure, a 45 rpm adapter that also served as a figure stand plus packaged in a life-size molded head plastic box. This set recently sold for less than 100,- US $.
I would describe the market as enthusiastic but very volatile.
The estimate is based on very few recent results.

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