United states of america liberty 1804 coin

Dec 20, 03:29 UTC
United States of America LIBERTY 1804 coin Item images 2f1513740578227 43pcw6cfy339 8446308b298937e37349ee3e7d3e86c8 2f2017 12 20 photo 00000266

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United States of America 1804 LIBERTY Coin of Copper & silver mix


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$10 - $25 (United States Dollar)
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There are 15 known original, authentic 1804 'Draped Bust' or "Bowed' Liberty US dollar coins known to exist. Those originals sell for millions. Although the date on the coin is 1804, it is a known fact that these were actually not minted until the 1830s. Each was given as a presentation gift to a foreign ambassador outside of the United States. As presentation coins they were not circulated and of the 15 known to exist, they appear in excellent, hardly used condition. In the 19th century and throughout the 20th - 21st centuries, this has been an often reproduced and counterfeited coin because of the high value and collector desirability. Unfortunately, yours is a likely reproduction that has been 'aged' or worn down to show age (even though these really did not circulate). There are many on the market and they do sell at auction. The estimate is based on actual past auction sale records of comparables.

Nikita mcmillon Sep 09, 21:54 UTC

I would like to purchase this coin

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