Unique engraved vallon pocket watch

Jul 04, 2018. 13:02 UTC
Unique engraved Vallon Pocket watch
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This non-working Vallon pocket watch has several engravings. On the sides it has diamonds and flowers. On the back there is a steam locomotive on what may be a brick overpass. Inside is the most interesting: while it is engraved "Cylindre" (movement I believe) and "10 Rubis" (10 jewels, the more interesting engraving is the "Sauser" and "Chaux de Fonds" engraving. There is a famous Swiss born novelist named Frederic Sauser (AKA Blaise Cendras) who lived in Chaux De Fonds Switzerland. He also started out as a watchmaker. It's possible this watch was made for him, made by him, given to him by his watchmaking mentor, given to hi m by the town he lived in--Chaux De Fonds. Saucer was a very good friend and from the same town as famous artist, architect Le Corbusier.


Purchased from classified paper seller about 30 years ago who had it in a box of old watches.

Answered within about 24 hours
Jul 05, 12:50 UTC
By George

Fair Market Value

$50 - $100 USD

Insurance Value

$150 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Jody,

Thanks for your request. This is a pocket watch made by the workshop Vallon located in the village of Chaux de Fonds in the famous watchmaker area of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Regarding to the style of the decor, it was made in the second half of the 19th ct. probably shortly before 1900. The case is probably made out of silver and the clockwork is not working anymore. There is also an engraving of a locomotive on the case. Without knowing how serious the damage of the clockwork is, a low estimation is more appropriate. An estimation would be then from 50 to 100 USD.

With best regards,

Jody katz Jul 05, 22:52 UTC

Hi Georg:

Does the unique inside engraving add to its value? Why would anyone engrave a watch with the last name of a famous Swiss novelist and also engrave the town he was born in on the watch unless the watch was made for the novelist and possibly owned by him?


George Jul 06, 11:52 UTC

Dear Jody,

The watch is engraved with the name Sauser and the location Chaux de Fons. Obviously, the inner engraving is additional and was made after the production of this watch, according to the carving and the caligraphy. Your idea that it could have belonged to the novelist Frederic Sauser is possible but yet not proven. This watch is not a custom product. There are no paper or certificate proving that this watch belonged to Frederic Sauser. Moreover, Sauser is a widespread name in Switzerland. The price of 50 to 100 USD does not include this possible provenance.

With best regards,

Jody katz Jul 06, 23:59 UTC

Hi Georg:

Here is another interesting related piece of info. One of Sauser's most famous literary works was about the Trans Siberian Railroad. This to me explains the locomotive engraving on the back.


George Jul 07, 07:34 UTC

Hi Jody,

Engravings with the motif of a locomotives are very common on pocket watches. This could be related to the theme of Sausers novel, but does not necessarily.

With best regards,

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