Throw rug

Apr 25, 2022. 16:01 UTC
Throw rug
United States of America

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Apr 30, 13:33 UTC
By Denizalp D.

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$300 - $400 USD

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$350 USD
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Hello Jonathan,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, knot density and the colours, I concluded that this is an Entirely Hand Knotted Turkish Rug, likely from eastern part of Turkey. The piece dates back to the period between 1940-1960. The colours of the piece appears to be made of palnts, which means it was naturally made dyes used in this composition. Till the mid century most of the Eastern Villages was partly isolated from rest of the country as they were locatd in geographically very far and very hard locations. Due to this situation the industrial paint was apllied on pieces from this region a lot later than those of West. Or those of weaving centers in Iran and elsewhere. The piece has appropriately geometrically constructed motifs, this is a classical feature of Turkish rugs since the symmetrical knot systems makes it hard to contsruct circular patterns. The piece might have been knotted in a Kurdish Village in this area as well since in they also shared the same patterns. The piece is centralley decorated and this central chest motifs was likely adopted from the Turkmen rugs some feautures. The pattern's shadow depiction is clearly similar to Bukhara pattern's diamonds and suns. The cenral decoration's base is dark blue while the borders were decorated on a lighter blue base. We can see animal motifs one the piece which highers to possibility of a villager rug. The piece was knotted wool on wool. The piece is in fair condition with some damages to it's surface and tearing to it's right lower corner.

Entirely hand knotted.

Dimensions: 87 Inches to 43 Inches

Condition: The piece is in fair condition with some damages to it's surface and tearing to it's right lower corner.

Provenance: Unknown.

Heavily decorated by local Anatolian patterns effected from Turkman rugs.


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