The rent day after the original painting by david wilkie

May 15, 2021. 22:00 UTC
The Rent Day after the original painting by David Wilkie
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This print has been in the family for as long as I can remember. It looks to be a print on card. It was reframed in 2003. Print dimensions are 23.75" x 17.25". The frame is 31.25" x 24.5".


This print has been in the family for long time, maybe close to 100 years.

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May 17, 14:34 UTC
By Karine SH

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$170 - $220 USD

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$150 USD
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Dear Simon,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.

Please find below a description along with an estimate of your work:
After Sir David Wilkie, R.A.
"The Rent Day", by A. Raimbach
Engraving published on 6th 1877, by the London Fine Art Association by Child permission of Messrs Henry Graves & Co.
Sight: approx 17.25" x 23.75" .
Condition: ​excellent

The work depicts a bustling interior scene where a man can be seen appealing to a group of wealthier men on the left area of the image.

​The original painting by David Wilkie was executed during his recovery from a fever contracted in 1807. David Wilkie became a Royal Academician in 1812 and had his first exhibition of his work in 1812.

The estimation in red is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables.

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