The great wave off kanagawa

Apr 20, 2020. 20:34 UTC
The Great Wave off Kanagawa
United States of America

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For sale

This print is 10x14 inch It is framed and in perfect cond. There are no Dots The coloring is very sharpe


I purchased it from a thrift shop in Florida I do not know any else about this picture

Answered within about 20 hours
Apr 21, 16:06 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€150 - €200 EUR

Insurance Value

€350 EUR
What does this mean?


I believe its a reprint of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) - 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' - From the series "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" - ca 1980.s - Japan. Its a first class print and well preserved. Also the later prints are interesting for buyers since it is a very popular theme. My estimation is the price you could get when this print came to auction.

Steve richards Apr 21, 16:55 UTC

It is textured with different levels

Steve richards Apr 21, 17:20 UTC

I can remove the other backings if necessary

S.k. breider Apr 22, 11:33 UTC

Dear Steve,

To be sure about the ''version'' of the great wave I need to see the back.

Simon Breider

Steve richards Apr 22, 17:47 UTC

I just added photos of the reverse side

S.k. breider Apr 24, 09:05 UTC

Great I found them.

I will do some research and let you know Asap. Looks good in first glimpse.
Also I ask a second opinion to be sure with a colleague of mine.

Takes a couple of days.


Simon Breider

Steve richards Apr 24, 11:52 UTC

Take you time no rush

Steve richards Apr 27, 21:36 UTC

Are sure it is a Print ?
It seems to be layered and the coloring goes through to the back

S.k. breider Apr 29, 06:19 UTC

This is a woodblock print.

Its not a print as you would call it like Offset print with those million dots.


Steve richards Apr 29, 17:58 UTC

I am sorry to keep bothering you about this but it does not really seem to be a wood block print.
It definitely is not smooth . If you run your hand over the picture you can feel the places where the different coloring are. I am not an authority on this but all the prints and engravings I have encountered have always been smooth or semi smooth.This is definitely Not smooth

S.k. breider May 02, 10:32 UTC

A woodblock print is completely consistent in what you describe. You can feel the different layers of ink on the paper. Thats only logical, nothing to worry about.


Simon Breider

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