Sword, Rapier with shell hilt

Aug 17, 2022. 12:52 UTC
Sword, Rapier with shell hilt
United States of America

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Blade is 21" long. Cannot find any markings because the sword is so old. This was donated item from Estate sale. We believe it is Spanish, 18th century


Blade 21" long counting hilt, approx 28 to 30"



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Aug 18, 10:07 UTC
By David U.

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$1,000 - $1,500 USD

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Hello Angela,

This is a 18th Century, handcrafted in carbon steel with an antiqued finish. It is important to note that, at least in the 18th century, rapiers were not used only for thrusting with the point, but they also had a sharp, narrow, blade. In 18th-century Spain, swords were intended for use in duelling and as an accessory, but only for civilians or soldiers in civilian dress.

These swords were extremely effective in blocking cuts but sometimes the point of the rival's sword could slip between the loops in the guard and injure the wielder’s hand. Therefore, thick leather gloves were used when fighting with them. The elegance, balance and beauty of these hilts is incomparable, a model of Renaissance art.

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