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Jan 28, 2021. 19:20 UTC
Seth Thomas Clock
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By David

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$40 - $50 USD

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$90 USD
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Hello Eric,
Thank you for sending in this brass desk clock to for an appraisal. I shall try to help you with that today.
Contemporary, matte brass and Lucite, quartz movement, center seconds, desk clock in a brass and mahoganized wooden case, the “Seth Thomas” model, movement made in Germany by U.T.S. (UhrenTechnik Schwarzwald), case and assembly performed in China, circa 2010+/-10 years.
Case: 6” x 8” rectilinear desk timepiece with mahoganized wooden overhung flat pediment and similar base. Between the pediment and base is a rectilinear shaped brass clock case with the façade covered by transparent glass or Lucite and the sides in matte brass as is the door at the rear for access to the movement compartment. To either side of the façade are vertically reeded brass corner pillars. The door at the back is marked, "Movement Germany, Case and Assembly China”.
Dial: The dial plate is rectangular and centers a polished silvered round dial with enameled Roman hours, open bar minute track, steel ‘Lozenge’ hands and center seconds sweep pointer. The base of the dial is marked, ‘German Movt’ while the upper dial is signed, ‘Seth Thomas’ in script.
Movement: A German made Quartz movement operated by a single AA battery.
Battery Powered Clock Movement UTS 13.8 mm, Battery used in the R6, 31mm x 56mm with a Shaft Length of 13.8mm.
For dial up to 4 mm, Powered by a single carbon-zinc battery IEC (AA) 1.5 V R6, Frequency of quartz 32.768 KHz, Average operating current of up to 130 µA,
Operating voltage: 1.2......1.7V, Operating temperature: -5° C...+50° C, Storage temperature: -20° C...+70° C, Accuracy at room temperature ± 1 sec/day,
Battery life of about 1 year, mounting position: any, Weight without batteries: 26 g, Torque at a voltage of 1.35 on seconds hand shaft: 50 µNm
Condition: Case, dial and movement like new and with a battery should be functional. This is one of the later versions of the battery powered, quartz movement examples of a desk clock made using the Seth Thomas name on the dial. This was when that name bore no relationship to the old Seth Thomas clock Company of Thomaston, Connecticut. They have never been a very high priced item and although this example is in better condition than most I have seen, it remains held back in pricing by its predecessors and its quartz movement.
COMPARABLES: (sold in 2011 for $20) (Sold for $5 in 2015) (made in West Germany this model failed to reach the minimum bid of $45 in 2020) (Made in Japan and sold in 2020 for $70 – along with two other clocks.) (another example made in Japan failed to meet the $10 minimum bid in 2019) (SOLD FOR $40 IN 2019) (a RETAIL VALUE OF $76 EXAMPLE)
1955 -The Seth Thomas factory was nearly destroyed by a major Connecticut flood. Many of its manufacturing facilities were relocated to General Time factories in Georgia, Illinois and other areas.
1959 -Westclox® introduced clocks with dual "Drowse" alarm features. It was the only one in the industry with a choice of 5 or 10-minute drowse (snooze).
1964 -The Seth Thomas Division introduced the first battery strike movement in America.
1969 -General Time Corporation was acquired by Talley Industries of Arizona.
1972 -Westclox® pioneered the first Quartz movement in clocks, trademarked "Quartzmatic™". Both the Westclox and Seth Thomas divisions produced clocks with quartz movements. This technology provided clocks that are highly accurate and, under normal and consistent pressure and temperature, an accuracy of plus or minus one minute per year can be obtained. This technology was used in the Apollo space command module.
1988 -General Time Corporation, consisting of the Westclox® and Seth Thomas® brands and the Westclox operation in Canada, was acquired from Talley Industries by current management.
1990 -General Time Corporation acquired from Talley Industries the rights to use the name of Westclox ®, worldwide. General Time began operations in England under the name of General Time Europe for distribution of its products throughout the European countries.
2001 -Seth Thomas, America's oldest clock company has a new beginning. Seth Thomas, recognized by American consumers for its quality and precision for nearly two centuries, joins hands with The Colibri Group, a prominent name in luxury brands for over 20 years. This partnership which combines Seth Thomas's legendary tradition with the financial strength and technical expertise of the Colibri Group promises to take the Seth Thomas brand to even greater heights.
2009 – The Colibri Group sold itself and all rights to the clock business to the Alliance Time Company of New York City, a retailer and distributor. Alliance Time (, a leading distributor of brand name and designer jewelry, watches and accessories, had acquired (as of 2009) the entire inventory of goods, intellectual property and trademarks from three top brands -- Colibri, maker of popular lighters, accessories for men, jewelry, executive gifts and flasks; Seth Thomas, the oldest clock manufacturer in the United States; and Linden Clocks, a noted clock maker.
Although Germany, Japan and China are directly mentioned on the clocks with the Seth Thomas name, it was only with the approval of one of the above groups that such clocks were made and were able to re-enter the USA.
With over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of watch and clock movements, UhrenTechnik Schwarzwald Montageservice GmbH produces and markets products that combine innovative technology with European standards and an extremely high level of quality.
The history of UTS movements:
1980 – U.T.S. is founded
1984 – Use of the first fully automatic assembly center for quartz movements
1998 – U.T.S. Präzisionstechnik GmbH moves into radio-controlled movement technology
2008 – UhrenTechnik Schwarzwald Montageservice GmbH is founded and quartz movement production moves to Dunningen
2011 Market launch of the new quartz pendulum movement with melody function
2017 Market launch of the first own quartz alarm clock “Made in Germany”
Although I cannot find a label with the model name of identifying number, this example which was assembled in china using a German made movement follows those made for Talley Industries in the USA, those made in Japan and it is mostly during the last 10-20 years that the Chinese have used their huge industrial complex to work with the USA on clocks. The most likely date then is really more circa 2010 or thereafter. Although I could not find a specific example of this model for you, I have little doubt that it should sell in the fair market range of $40-$50 with a retail value perhaps of $75 or $100. This is about as close as I can get to identifying this clock for you.
I hope this has answered your basic questions of what, where, when and how much for this quartz desk clock with the famous old name on the dial.
Thank you for choosing for this appraisal.
My best,

Dear Eric,
Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
(1) - So that I may best assist you, can you please upload an image of the movement by simply opening the back door of the case?
(2) - Can you provide me the dimensions of the case?
when i receive that info we will be all set to go.

Eric farrington Jan 28, 20:26 UTC

I added the images and the dimensions are 6" by 8"

David Jan 28, 20:31 UTC

thank you for responding so rapidly
I will get that done for you today.

Eric farrington Jan 28, 20:34 UTC

Thanks, also I have another item to be appraised which I submitted on 26th Jan but have had no response yet?

David Jan 28, 22:02 UTC

That is because nobody has chosen to do the appraisal. I do only clocks and watches. There is an Asian specialist and often those items accumulate until that specific appraiser picks up those appraisals. It seems to me to be done a couple of times per week. Usually, what will happen is that one of the general appraisers will pick it up after they see no one else is taking it.
If you do not get any response by next Monday, I would write to the mearto administration with your question/problem. I have noticed it sitting in the list each time I have picked up one of my clock or watch appraisals. It is definitely listed "as to be done".

Eric farrington Jan 28, 22:45 UTC

Thank you

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