Sectional sofa and armchair

Sep 16, 2021. 20:54 UTC
Sectional sofa and armchair
United States of America

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Sectional sofa and armchair, Semi octagonal, burgundy colored, stamped with official manufacturers label FLLW And distinct sofa leg engravings


My parents purchased it in the 70s, and I recently inherited it from them.I’m not sure whereThey acquired it.

Answered within about 19 hours
Sep 17, 16:03 UTC
By Delia

Fair Market Value

$12,000 - $15,000 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$15,000 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Brian,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
Based on the photos and information provided, and subject to examination, this is:

A vintage Frank Lloyd Wright octagonal L sectional sofa
mid 20th Century
In a burgundy wool(?) upholstery, with tufted back and platform base and top cushion.
overall height approximately 30 inches, measured from the floor.
Chair approximately 27 inches wide, 31 inches deep
Sofa approximately 110 inches wide overall, 31 inches deep
CONDITION: appears to be in good condition with wear commensurate to age and use
PROVENANCE: inherited
*represents a fair-market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary.

Brian mccandliss Sep 17, 17:08 UTC

Height is about 30 inches, measured from the floor. The chair Is about 27 inches wide and 31 inches deep.
The sofa itself is in three sections, the center section is 44 inches Wide, and The left and right sections are 33 inches wideFrom the center section outward. Each section is 31 inches deep from front to back.

Delia Sep 17, 17:11 UTC

Thanks, Brian, you're all set

Brian mccandliss Sep 17, 17:16 UTC

Can you give me a new device, and how to sell it, and where? I’m looking to sell as soon as possible.

Delia Sep 17, 17:19 UTC

I just commented - for the smaller piece - that it, and this might appeal to Leslie Hindman Auctions, Toomey Auctions or Wright Auctions, all in the greater Chicago area. Each can discuss timelines for consignment, sale and settlement.
Let me know if you have additional questions.

Brian mccandliss Sep 17, 19:00 UTC

Are there any options in the Detroit area?

Delia Sep 17, 19:08 UTC

DuMouchelles is a pretty reputable auction house

Delia Sep 17, 19:09 UTC

Though they're not known for MidCentury Modern and Frank Lloyd Wright, which can be a bit of a specialized audience...

Brian mccandliss Sep 17, 19:17 UTC

Do I need to have the pieces moved to the actual auction houses?

Delia Sep 17, 19:25 UTC

If you sell through an auction house, they will usually expect the seller to absorb the cost of shipping to the auction house; the buyer is responsible for getting the items from the auction house to wherever the buyer is.

Brian mccandliss Sep 17, 20:06 UTC

Does this site do any selling?

Delia Sep 17, 20:12 UTC

We work with lots of auctioneers from relevant and highly qualified auction houses. Your item is in our database of leads and interested auctioneers will reach out to you directly on your email if they can help you sell your item.
If you said "yes" or "maybe" when we asked if your item was for sale auctioneers are now able to contact you. If you said "no" go to your item page and change that to "yes".
Alternatively, this site is also a marketplace where, if you marked your item as "for sale," is now public and people can contact you to make an offer.

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