Salt Cellars 2.25diax1.5 (Set of 6, 1 chipped)
20 February 2022

Maker/Artist: Steuben Glass, maked on bottom on each Style/Era: Early 1900s, American, Frederick Carder Era Dimensions: 2.25"" dia x 1.5"" tall, set of 6, 1 chipped Description: art glass footed open salt cellars, form: #3067, color blue aurene (aurene: a type of ornamental glass with an iridescent surface made by spraying the glass with stannous chloride or lead chloride and reheating it under controlled atmospheric conditions. Aurene was developed by Frederick Carder (1863-1963) at Steuben Glass Works in Corning, New York, in 1904.), vivid electric iridescent blue, more rare color. Auction History: matching examples sold for $350/ea in 2021 Literature: Jzyk/Robertson - Open Salt Compendium, p. 12, pl. 8 and p. 13, pl. 12., In the book 5,000 Open Salts by William Heacock & Patricia Johnson this same shape salt, in a different color, is pictured as Photo # 13 on page 25. Biography/Maker Information: Steuben Glass (American, established 1903) was an American glass-manufacturing company that was founded by Thomas G. Hawks (Irish, 1848–1913) and Frederick Carder (English, 1863–1963). Carder was born in Staffordshire, England, where he attended the Stourbridge School of Art and the Dudley Mechanic Institute. He began his glassmaking career in 1881 at Stevens &Williams. In 1903, after a productive career that allowed him to reintroduce the use of colored glass, disagreements within the company developed, and he moved his family to the United States. While residing in Corning, NY, Carder met Hawks, who owned the largest glass-cutting firm in Corning. The two of them founded Steuben Glass, which began operations in October of 1903. Carder continued to experiment with colored glass, soon perfecting Gold Aurene, an iridescent shade of gold, similar to what companies like Tiffany & Co. produced. The company followed the success of Gold Aurene with a variety of colored art pieces that were produced in 140 colors and over 7,000 different shapes. Carder and Hawks sold Steuben Glass during World War I to Corning Glass Works because it was nearly impossible for them to acquire the material needed to continue production. Carder became the company's art director, while John MacKay assumed Carder's role as company director. In 1933, Arther Houghton Jr. (1906–1990) became president of the company, now called Steuben Glass Inc. During this time, the company started to produce more Modern pieces that were formulated using clear glass. Candlesticks, footed bowls, water goblets, and serving pieces boasted balustrade designs. The company also produced a variety of wildlife pieces that depicted penguins, owls, and other birds. Some of the company's more notable pieces include a set of dishes engraved with Audubon bird drawings that were given to Queen Elizabeth II as part of a wedding gift, a Steuben glass water pitcher that was broken during an episode of the television show The West Wing by the character President Bartlett, and the glass slipper that sits in the Cinderella Suite at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.



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For sale
Answered within about 7 hours
By Delia
Feb 20, 16:24 UTC
Fair Market Value
$800 - $1,200 USD
Suggested Asking Price $1,200 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Abigail,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
Based on the photos and information provided, and subject to examination, this is:

A set of six Steuben Blue Aurene Art Nouveau salts
Probably made at Corning, NY, early 20th Century
of circular section with shaped sides and circular feet, marked underneath AURENE / 3067
each 1 1/2 inches tall, 2 1/4 inches diameter
CONDITION: not examined in person but appears to be in good condition except one salt which has one foot chip.
$800-1,200 for the set*
*represents a fair-market value for auction purposes; retail or asking price may vary.

Please let us know if you have additional items to appraise, and thank you again for using Mearto.

Abigail montgomery Feb 21, 18:58 UTC

I included some additional comps that I found. It looks like several sold for $350 or more per salt in 2021

Abigail montgomery Feb 21, 18:59 UTC

clarification: I uploaded screenshots/pictures of additional comps

Abigail montgomery Feb 21, 19:00 UTC

clarification: I uploaded screenshots/pictures of additional comps

Delia Feb 22, 00:14 UTC

Hi Abigail,
We don't typically use eBay as a source for comparables because in most cases, it's not a fair-market situation; we prefer to use LiveAuctioneers and the most recent comparables on that that I found yesterday suggested a reasonable auction estimate for these were about $100-150 PER salt.
The comparable to the Jeff Evans was good, however, that pair had provenance to a very important glass collector AND had its original labels. I would be willing to increase the value on your set of six to $800-1,200 but don't feel its sensible to go higher than that, particularly since one of the salts has a fairly significant chip in the foot.

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