Rebecca bust/sculpture
19 September 2021

Art dimensions: Height = 13.5″ – Shoulder to shoulder width = 10″ – Depth from back of head to nose = 6.5″ Photos viewable at


REBECCA: This art has been in our family for over 100 years, but not much is known about it. Artist unknown. Material unknown. Biblical Coin Headdress: This bust depicts a woman wearing a traditional Eastern Coin Headdress (Luke 5:8) that spells out: Rebecca. For this reason, we believe it may be Rebecca who appears in the bible as the wife of Isaac and mother of Esau and Jacob. Her necklace has a water jar which hints at the first mention of Rebecca in Genesis 24:15, when she arrives at the well to draw water. Includes a Pillar - dimensions: Diameter of base = 13″ – Pillar height = 36″ – Top diameter = 6.5″ An additional photo of this pillar can be seen near the bottom of the page. More info:

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For sale
Answered within 10 days
By Sara S
Sep 29, 00:59 UTC
Fair Market Value
$3,000 - $7,000 USD
Suggested Asking Price $5,000 USD
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Hello Lori,

Thank you for your appraisal inquiry with Mearto. I apologize for the delay in your appraisal and thank you for your patience. The item presented appears to be carved marble bust depicting a lady in an orientalist style, measuring 13 1/2 inches high. The work resembles the work of Ferdinando Vicchi (1875 - 1945). However, without a signature or established provenance, artist attribution cannot be confirmed.

The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates and results of other comparable marble busts depicting similar subjects and in a similar size. The potential value of the pillar is included. However, the two item may be evaluated separately. The estimate is contingent on a full condition report. Please note asking or dealer prices may vary. Thank you and please take care.

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