Rauch french horn

Jun 18, 2020. 00:23 UTC
Rauch French Horn
United States of America

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Double horn made by Daniel Rauch, standard Geyer style horn Serial number 312 Material: yellow brass The horn was custom made for professional horn player in Spain, and brought there in 2005 by Daniel Rauch himself. Ruach used to make around 14 horns a year, there are only 432 Rauch horns in the world, very rare horns. Rauch already retired. I purchased in 2017 for $19,000 USD and have been actively playing it.


I bought second hand from someone

Answered within about 18 hours
Jun 18, 18:31 UTC
By Trey

Fair Market Value

$20,000 - $22,000 USD

Insurance Value

$42,000 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. Based on the photographs and description provided, the subject of this appraisal is a Rauch French Horn, serial number 312 circa mid-2000s. Rauch horns are simply the top of the mark for professional French horns, and are incredibly rare and sought after.

This double horn is in the Geyer style and is in yellow brass. According to the current owner, it was made for a Spanish horn player and purchased second-hand in 2017 for $19,000 USD.

Since Rauch's retirement, his horns continue to increase in value. Unfortunately recorded sales data is sparce and non-existent within major auction settings. The basis of the price is formed by research done on horns available at present on the secondary market. Based on asking prices for the few available Rauch horns at the time of this appraisal, coupled with the scarcity of the pieces, a pre-auction estimate of this instrument would fall within a range of $20,000 to $22,000.

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