Purple Vase
18 July 2022

Weighs 4.2 lbs, Almost feels like it’s plastic but I don’t think it is.


10 1/4” height, 13.5 across top, 6 3/4 across bottom



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By Denizalp D.
Jul 22, 00:15 UTC
Fair Market Value
$40 - $70 USD
Suggested Asking Price $40 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Jonathan,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, glass quality and the colours, I concluded that this is a Glass Centerpiece Fruit Bowl. The piece likely dates back to the period from 1970 to 1990. When we investigate the possible pontil area of the piece, we can see that the traces of the pontil was either covered with a facing technique or the piece was molded. The colour of the piece is a very pale tone of the colour called "Puce". The rim of the piece is wavy and amorphic. There was a gradient design applied to the general decoration of the piece, this gradient is a bright tone getting darker till the lower base. The plastic feel of the piece is likely due to the very thin layer of glass. The pieceis decorative and can be considered in average quality. The piece is in good condition without any visible problems.

Glass Centerpiece.

Dimensions: 10 1/4 Inches of Height and 13.5 Top Diameter and 6 3/4 Diameter of Base. 4.2 lbs of weight.

Condition: The piece is in good condition without any visible problems.

Provenance: Unknown.


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