Pre columbian artifact

May 21, 2020. 20:28 UTC
Pre Columbian Artifact
United States of America

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Artifact standing 3" tall


From my Dad's collection...

Answered within 5 days
May 27, 01:39 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$30 - $200 USD

Insurance Value

$230 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Camilla,

This object appears to be an effigy of a turtle. I do not see a vessel opening to the top, leading me to think the object is likely a simple effigy. However, is the object does have small holes, it may be a rattle or a flute (whistle) instrument. The estimate is based on general Pre-Columbian turtle effigies in similar height.

I believe this is the last object you have submitted. If I missed one, please let me know. Thank you very very much for uploading so many objects from your dad's collection. I hope I was able to provide some useful information for you and your dad. I have definitely expanded my Pre-Columbian education with this collection and I very much appreciate you for that. Please take care.

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