Pre columbian artifact

May 19, 2020. 20:44 UTC
Pre Columbian Artifact
United States of America

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Statue - possibly fertility statue?


Pre Columbian Statue

Answered within 7 days
May 26, 20:51 UTC
By Sara S

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$300 - $700 USD

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$1,000 USD
What does this mean?

Hi Camilla,

This object appears to be a seated figure. I'd attribute the culture to Teotihuacan (other another central Mexico culture) based on the facial and headdress features. I'd also say the figure is a male, rather than a female. Other similar male figures also depict small breasts. The figure appears to hold a stick of some kind. I would attribute that stick to an agricultural tool because the object does not seem to have a spear at the edge.

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This item is maybe for sale

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