Portrait of sylvette david in green chair by picasso

May 16, 2020. 23:05 UTC
Portrait Of Sylvette David In Green Chair by Picasso
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This Framed drawing measures 18x23 inches I am assuming it is a Print but there are no Dots on the back there is a Label that says "1940- Pablo Picasso Portrait De Jeune Femme "



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May 18, 01:00 UTC
By Sara S

Fair Market Value

$25 - $200 USD

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$225 USD
What does this mean?

Hello again Steve,

This item appears to be a lithographic print after an oil painting by Pablo Picasso (Spanish; 1881 – 1973) titled "Portrait of Sylvette David in Green Chair." The original painting was created in 1954 and is now in a private collection. It appears the label on the verso is misinformed. Based on the measurements provided, it would be likely the print was pulled from an art review magazine, Derriere le Miroir or the like. Further examination of the print outside the frame may lead to additional information such as age and publishing information.

The estimate provided is based on recent auction estimates and results of this lithograph print after Picasso. Thank you again for all of your appraisal inquiries. Please take care.

Steve richards May 18, 12:00 UTC

Thanks for your appraisal
I did as you suggested, I took it out of the frame. The only thing written on the Print was the hand written Number "3658" on the lower right hand corner
Does that tell us anything

Steve richards May 18, 12:02 UTC

Also it was glue to a piece of cardboard so I could not see the reverse of the side of the print

Sara s May 19, 22:28 UTC

Hi Steve. The handwritten number does not mean anything really. Likely a personal inventory number from the previous owner. The fact that is was glued tells me the print is not likely on the higher end of the value scale. Otherwise, higher-end tape would have been used instead of glue. The lack of text to the verso lets us known the print was not pulled from a magazine All of these leads me to think the print is likely some lithographic reproduction.

Steve richards May 20, 00:08 UTC

Thank you for giving the extra time to respond

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