Photo of Maxim Gorky
02 December 2022

Framed Photo of Gorky signed by the photographer, Mishkin, 1906


12"x 10 1/4"


Not sure where it was acquired.

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Auction House
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Answered within 3 days
By Denizalp D.
Dec 04, 16:53 UTC
Fair Market Value
$250 - $350 USD
Suggested Asking Price $250 USD
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Hello Marlene,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, qualityand the signature, I concluded that this is a Photograph of Famous Russian Writer and Politician Maxim Gorky by the Famous Photograph Artist Herman Mishkin. The photograph was taken in 1906, in New York. As this was the only visit of Maxim Gorky to New York. He visited New York City at the invitation of Mark Twain and other writers. An invitation to the White House by President Theodore Roosevelt was withdrawn after the New York World reported that the woman accompanying Gorky was not his wife. The Photograph is also signed by Maxim Gorky, and it is his signature on the bottom. If piece is not a reprint or lithograph, an original picture of this sort is highly desirable and collectable. The piece appears to be in good condition with a more contemporary frame.

Picture of Maxim Gorky.

Dimensions: 12 Inches by 10 1/4 Inches

Condition: The piece appears to be in good condition with a more contemporary frame.

Provenance: Unknown.


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Marlene slutsky Dec 06, 04:22 UTC

Hi, I was wondering how you saw the signature of Maxim Gorky.

Denizalp d. Dec 07, 10:50 UTC

Dear Marlene,

The signature is Gorky's documented signature which he used before 1922. Thank you.

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