Phillipe Charriol watch

Jun 18, 2022. 07:28 UTC
Phillipe Charriol watch

wrist watch

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Phillipe Charriol waych with date & second hand. Part 18 k gold. Please provide origin, date & value.



Answered within 2 days
Jun 20, 07:35 UTC
By Jonty C.

Fair Market Value

$70 - $100 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$200 USD
What does this mean?

Phillipe Charriol - A Lady's Gold Plated & Stainless Steel Quartz Wristwatch, Swiss
the circular case with bead chapters and engine turned silvery dial, date & second hand, with "gold" bezel, on a four-row ropetwist bracelet.

Jonty c. Jun 22, 08:26 UTC

I am afraid as per the link to Charrriol they are just fun dress watches not solid gold so the valuation will remain unchanged.

Gioia ross Jun 24, 04:03 UTC

It may be due to the poor quality pics previously sent?

I would like you to revise the valuation on the basis that a clearer picture of details on the reverse is hereby sent.

My understanding is that this watch includes 3.5 grams of 750 (18 k) gold & not gold plated.

Please advise

Jonty c. Jun 27, 16:13 UTC

So sorry -it's just a thick layer of gold!

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