Boar Fossil or Petrified Partial Scull

Sep 20, 2022. 20:49 UTC
Boar Fossil or Petrified Partial Scull
United States of America

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I found an ancient fossilized boars head which appears to have petrified wood surrounding the fossil. The hairs from the boar are even visible. You can see one tusk on the left side but appears that the other task may have gotten broken before his death. Very awesome fossilized head…never seen one before. Here you go.


The dimensions are roughly 6” x 3”.


I know that it is very old. Considering the petrified wood surrounding it. You can definitely tell it is a variety of pig. I don’t really know much more about it.

Answered within about 8 hours
Sep 21, 04:35 UTC
By Amber R

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$50 - $100 USD

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$75 USD
What does this mean?

Unauthenticated Fossil
Origin: North America, Midwest Region
Unknown age
The general shape and appearance of animal cranium fossil, of an unknown period or species. Appears to have a limestone matrix. However; this can also occur in geologic concretions or chert nodules found in limestone deposits. An in-person evaluation will assist in identifying age and if the specimen is geologic or biologic in development. Approximately 6 in. x 3 in in size. If an in-person evaluation does confirm that this item does have fossil content; and dependent on the age of the specimen and animal identified- a higher valuation could reach $300.00 or greater.

“The Fossil Forum” is open to research and asking questions on fossils. While posing a question on the form is open to all responses; many are well researched and provide additional peer reviewed articles.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. So that I may best assist you, can you please upload a few better images. I can see what does appear to be calcified bone, but I am unable to identify the fossil or semi-fossil from the matrix (the stone that surrounds the specimen). I also see the visible scrapping of the matrix to 'bring out' the possible specimen; but, again, it is difficult to identify the actual fossil. Do you have the weight of item? And origin from where this piece was discovered? This information will be helpful in addition to more images.

Thank you,

Michael schultz Sep 22, 04:26 UTC

I discovered it under a couple of our hedge apple trees at the back of our five acre property located in Fredericktown, Ohio. It weighs about 2 to 3 pounds I think. I took a picture of it next to a water bottle about equal in comparison and size. Hopefully this answers some of your concerns. I also submitted some updated photos with better lighting. I tried to wet the item down as it seems to bring out more details in the photos. Thanks for all your help and knowledge.

Amber r Sep 23, 03:01 UTC

Thank you for the additional images and source information. I will have a valuation for you after researching other items in databases that I believe could be comparable. I also suggest that, when you have time, you take your item to a regional natural science museum or university department. They will be able to tell you, absolutely, if the item is an animal fossil or a different mineral composition. Your local library may also be able to connect you with resources; sometimes these organizations will host specialist days for in-person assessment. Years ago, I went to a taping of PBS's "Antique Roadshow" it was so much fun and very interesting!

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