Painting attributed to jacques linard

Sep 11, 2021. 09:27 UTC
Painting attributed to Jacques Linard


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oil on wood,38/46 sm



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By Karine SH

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90 000 kr - 120 000 kr SEK

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90 000 kr SEK
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This undated oil painting on a wooden panel appears to be by the French artist JACQUES LINARD (TROYES 1600-1645 PARIS). This is a beautiful flower arrangement, and it signed Linard on the lower left side of the painting. Sight: 38 (h) x 46 (w) cm. It is housed in a beautiful gilt frame and is overall in excellent condition.

Art historians rediscovered Jacques Linard's work at the beginning of the 20th century, and this artist is now considered one of the best still-life painters of the 17th century in France.
During his lifetime, he received the title of painter and "valet de chamber" to the king in 1631, thus testifying to his fame and the esteem he aroused during his lifetime.

The estimation highlighted in red above is based on comparables offered and sold at auction in the last five years. The subject work’s size composition, condition (based on photographs and comments provided as the artists’ current auction market reconsideration when determining the estimate. In many cases, pricing for similar items available on the primary (retail) market vary and are often higher than secondary (auction) market examples.

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