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Jun 18, 2022. 07:40 UTC
Old Toy


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Thought to be antiquities dug up in south east Turkey by farming family. The larger item is thought to be part of a 'pull toy' the smaller a childs toy??? The measurement of the larger piece is; approx 6 inches or 15 cm wide x 3.5 inches tall or 83 mm the smaller piece is approximately; 2 + 3/4 or 70 mm inches wide x 2 + 3/4 inches high Please provide relevent information.



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Jun 20, 10:46 UTC
By George
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Dear Gioia,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. Sadly, our policies only allow me to apprise one object per request. Please state which object you want to be estimated.

With kind regards,

Gioia ross Jun 24, 03:47 UTC

This pottery carcass is thought to be part of a very early Mesopatamia 'pull toy'.

Native seller stated that it had been ploughed up from agricultural endeavours in South - East present day Turkey.

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