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China tea set



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Dec 06, 00:56 UTC
By Denizalp D.

Fair Market Value

$250 - $300 USD

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$250 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Jude,

I’m glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal request,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, painting quality and the composition,
I concluded that this is a beautiful Japanese Noritake Porcelain Tea Set. As far as I can see there are two different kind of pieces with two different marks in your submissions. So, I'll try to evaluate them as one but will distinguish the marks. Firstly, my idea is that both kind of your pieces dates between 1915-1935. This period is considered as the pre-WWII pinnacle of the Noritake Porcelain. We do see a lot more hand applied gilt and detail than any later time or any post-WWII pieces.

Both of the marks are known as "Komaru", Komaru is the name of the symbol on the marks, it's a Japanese Clan's coat of arms. This mark was first registered in 1908, probably in Japan and then London. The green mark under your gilt decorated pieces dates slightly older than the red marked pieces. After 1921 almost all pieces of Noritake was marked as Made in Japan instead of even earlier "Nippon" mark. This was due to United States regulations on imports. Therefore, green marked pieces have a more elegant and artistic design. While the red marked ones are still superior than later pieces, they are slightly less artistic then green marked ones. Yours are probably the higher quality pieces impoted to United Kingdom exclusively while United States usually received customized and less hand decorated pieces.

Condition: Perfect condition, owner did not suggested any cracks or chips.

Provenance: Inherited.

Marked: Noritake 1915-1935

Gilt work is mostly hand painted and these are very collectable pieces due to their special period for the Noritake Porcelain.

250-300£ (this is based on a full set of green marked pieces and additionally three pieces of red marked porcelain)

Very little part of the pieces are visible, if you could add the number of pieces or their types I could give more detail.

Please don’t hesitate to reach us again for more online appraisals on your precious items, thank you for choosing Mearto.

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