Nolan ryan rookie card

Dec 07, 2019. 14:58 UTC
Nolan Ryan rookie card
United States of America

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2.5" × 3.5"


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Dec 11, 23:39 UTC
By Trey

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry. Based on the photographs and description provided, this item appears to be a reprint or replica of a 1968 Topps Jerry Koosman and Nolan Ryan Rookie card. Unfortunately the Ryan rookie card is one of the most forged baseball cards in history, and examining this piece's photos under magnification when comparing to known authenticated copies and against known forgeries of the card raise suspicion of it being a copy. Moreover, the card does not have the expected appearance of age associated with a fifty year-old card not already sealed and graded. This item is so frequently counterfeited that unless this item is examined by an authenticator such as PSA we cannot consider it authentic for appraisal purposes. That said, current fair market value of an original Ryan rookie card in ungraded near-mint condition is approximately $1,000.

Martin linn Dec 11, 23:55 UTC

Your appraiser said that this card appears to be counterfeit, it is not I personally bought this card in a pack of topps cards in 1968 I've kept it in a glass case for at least 20 years when I first heard it may some day become valuable. I also have another one just like it.

Trey Dec 12, 00:09 UTC

Hi Martin, I did provide you a fair market value in the case that it is genuine. Hopefully this helps you know the value of the piece. I encourage you to get it authenticated. If you search eBay for "ryan replica rookie" or similar, you'll see why it is presumed a replica until professionally authenticated.

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