Nippon chinese hand painted tea set

Feb 27, 2019. 02:04 UTC
nippon chinese hand painted tea set
United States of America

Venetian glass

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I have a whole set of chinese nippon tea set hand painted very beautiful


it was my grandmother's hand down to my mother now to me

Answered within about 4 hours
Feb 27, 05:48 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

$75 - $125 USD

Insurance Value

$200 USD
What does this mean?

Your set is made in Japan for export to western world ( mainly europa ) in first half of the 20th century. Its called eggshell porcelain in the field. Some of this cups have, in the bottom, a Geisha face when you look to the bottom in the light. These sets were already mass produced in Japan and were made in moulds in stead of on a potters wheel. These sets were made in the district of Satsuma in Japan. Potters in these erea were famous all of the world for making Porcelain and earthenware pieces. The dragon is a common theme on these services but there are many other decorations. Because of the large quantity's made, you can buy them easily and prices are not that high yet.

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