Miguel Covarrubias Painting
01 June 2023

Miguel Covarrubias watercolor/gouache painting circa 1930. Depicts rumba dancers in a Havana Cuba nightclub. Painted on paper attached to hard board. Condition is pristine.


25 by 17.25 inches

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By David U.
Jun 02, 15:05 UTC
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$300,000 - $500,000 USD
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Based on the images and information you provided, this item is:

A 1942 painting titled "Rumba" by Miguel Covarruvias (25 x 17.25). Miguel Covarrubias was a highly talented Mexican artist known for his satirical caricatures and illustrations, which garnered international recognition. Beyond his artistic achievements, he made significant contributions to the field of anthropology by studying and documenting indigenous cultures in Mexico and Southeast Asia. Covarrubias's work acted as a bridge, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, making him a respected figure in both the art world and the academic community.

Very good condition

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