Medicom toy charlie brown, schroeder ,pig pen. new in a box

May 01, 2021. 03:41 UTC
Medicom Toy Charlie Brown, Schroeder ,Pig Pen. New In A Box
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Medicom Toy Charlie Brown, Schroeder ,Pig Pen. New In A Box I have seen one of Charlie brown online for 400 on eBay, I am curious if the others are more rare, cannot find them online


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May 05, 16:36 UTC
By Leah I.

Fair Market Value

$150 - $450 USD

Suggested Asking Price

$300 USD
What does this mean?

Thank you for contacting Mearto. I have not been able to find you any definitive answers, but let me share what I’ve looked at. The following are asking prices, not sales results. For CB alone and PP alone, I found around $50 to $150, except for a major outlier, on a Chinese website I am unfamiliar with. On a different Chinese site, I found CB and Sch. set for $2000. I was unable to translate the sites and I have not seen them before. I came across the three sold as a set on ebay for $350 and thought I found gold, but I matched it to your photo, so I think it was yours. My only other find was a site called Worthpoint. It offers sales results but it is a paid subscription. I don’t have it, but it looks like you can do a free trial. It might be worth it. I saw that they had Pig Pen and Schroeder dolls in their listings. I hope this was helpful and I’m sorry I was unable to provide you with any clearer answers. For the FMV above, I will estimate based on the $50-$150/doll I found.

CB, asking prices

CB and Sch.


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