Marcel Breuer custom-made granite dining table, 1967

Oct 11, 2017. 19:48 UTC
Marcel Breuer custom-made granite dining table, 1967
United States of America

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Made of granite, the modern table measures 78” long x 42” wide x 28" high.



Custom-made by Marcel Breuer for the SORIANO HOUSE in Greenwich, Connecticut, which was designed and built by the modern architect Marcel Breuer (with T. Papchristou) in 1968, the table has been owned by the Soriano family ever since. When the Soriano House was sold—and then torn down—the family moved the table to their apartment in New York City.

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Oct 13, 09:55 UTC
By Merlyn Haunstrup-Clemmensen

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$10,000 - $15,000 USD

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$0 USD
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Dear Collector,

Thank you for submitting this beautiful and unique table. Marcel Breuer (1902 – 1981) is very interesting for all design departments at the international auction houses. We have not been able to locate similar pieces sold at auction - probably because it is custom made. It makes it difficult to appraise - therefore the result at auction could surprise in a very positive direction.
The documentation for this piece is very important as it has an interesting provenance.

Additional auction houses will surely provide appraisals for this piece soon and it will be interesting to follow.

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