Madam Alexander Edith Doll

Sep 16, 2022. 18:26 UTC
Madam Alexander Edith Doll
United States of America


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She has the number 1936 or 1938 on the back of her neck. Just under the circle the says Madam Alexander.


15 inches tall, 5 inches at shoulders. Had Edith clothes, except for underpants, socks and I think shoes. They made have been replaced.


Mother bought it for me at a second hand shop in Covina, CA

Answered within about 3 hours
Sep 16, 21:41 UTC
By Delia
The specialist needs more information

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry.
I cant tell from the photos - is this all bisque or just a bisque head with composition body?


Melissa morgan Sep 26, 04:44 UTC

Hi Delia, the body of my Edith doll is the same as her head, legs and arms.
Melissa Morgan

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