Karel appel pottery wall plaque mask tile plate l

Apr 16, 2018. 15:44 UTC
Karel appel pottery wall plaque mask tile plate l
United States of America

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Artist ck appel signed marked wall plaque tile in perfect condition, no chips, cracks or restoration. it is 25,5 cm by 21 cm. it is signed marked on backside ck appel. it is with a hole backside top for hanging it on a nail.


Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands

Answered within 1 day
Apr 17, 16:39 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$800 - $1,500 USD

Insurance Value

$2,300 USD
What does this mean?

This is a work in ceramic by the Dutch Abstract 'Action' artist Karel Christiaan Appel (1921 - 2006). Appel is known primarily for painted works, however he did try the clay medium as well. He was a prolific artist and has a long and strong auction history. His paintings are more sought after than works in ceramic. The estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Mike donnelly Apr 18, 16:04 UTC

I appreciate your quick appraisal of my Karel Appel ceramic. My question is this. Is this a one of or part of a series or multiple copies?

Nora curl Apr 20, 13:28 UTC

Since it is not numbered as a limited edition, and because it is hand formed, this is more than likely a one-of-a-kind piece.

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