Karabagh Runner Circa 1900
28 September 2022

Karabagh Rug 335 x 113 cm (11' x 3' 8") Caucasus, ca. 1900 Condition: used, low pile in places, foundation partially visible, signs of use Warp: wool, weft: wool, pile: wool


335 x 113 cm (11' x 3' 8")


Unknown, I am a reseller in Canada and want to check the process of your website. I have 32 more rugs to get appraised

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By Denizalp D.
Sep 30, 23:14 UTC
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Hello Hanif,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, knot density and the colours, I concluded that this is an Entirely Hand Knotted Eastern Anatolian/Caucasian Rug. The piece dates back to the period from 1930 to 1960. The piece was decorated with local motifs from eastern Anatolia which also covers a considerable part of Caucasia. The piece was partly centrally decorated with a vertically aligned set of chests composed of three chest motifs which were internally decorated with floral and geometrical motifs. Arrow shaped lanterns are hanging from both sides of the chests on the central decoration. There are also semi-medallions which accompany the central decoration on internal borders. The outer borders of the piece were decorated on saffron, white and deep blue bases while the central decorations were knotted on a dark blue base. When we observe the colours of the piece, we can clearly see that it was coloured by the use of natural dyes. The instability in colours and the tones do reveal this. Industrial dyes have reached the geographically isolated are starting from 1960's and hence this piece might have been produced in the area untill 1960's. The piece was knotted wool on wool as usual to this area with a dark toned wool, this is the original colour of the sheep's wool. The knot density of the piece is usual to this period and this type of villager rugs. The piece is in good condition with some worn off areas and orevious restoration to fringes.

Entirely hand knotted.

Dimensions: 335 Centimeters by 113 Centimeters

Condition: The piece is in good condition with some worn off areas and orevious restoration to fringes.

Provenance: Unknown.

Heavily decorated by traditional Eastern Anatolian patterns.


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Hanif hosseini Oct 02, 00:59 UTC

Hello Denizalp,
Thanks, I thought it would take 48 hours. I submitted my request on Sep 28th.


Denizalp d. Oct 07, 18:05 UTC

Dear Hanif,

Please excuse my late appraisal, I had emergencies during this period and I apologise once again for this. If you have any questions in mind regarding the appraisal please do not hesitate to ask. For the rest of your collection I'm sure our customer service could offer you a solution if you would like to work with us on those, I would gladly appraise them within the required time schedule. Thank you once again and have a wonderful day!

Kind regards,


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