Japanese 1500s sword
04 August 2022

It’s either a great replica or the real thing- it is a Shinobe Katana with Shinto symbols


Exactly 42in at full length (including the handle) Blade is is 10cm thick


Bought it at an animation shop however the original owner “gifted” it to the struggling store owner who sold it to me ($250) but obviously may have completely under valued it as that $250 price came from a quick skim of “similar looking” swords on the internet. Basically they guy didn’t know what to charge me and just came up with a price. Upon further research I see the sword may easily be from the 1500s given the design The base/holder, which is not included (yet): says it belonged the actual (not fictitious kill bill character) Hattori Hanzo of the 1500s. I have not taken the handle of the sword off to see the exact maker because I professionally do not know how yet. It also came with an all black case and a beautifully handmade (at least looking) silk carry case

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By David U.
Aug 05, 11:41 UTC
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$400 - $600 USD
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Hello Mr. Jinx,

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It is a lovely large Katana that judging from the style of this sword, from Sengoku period. Very good condition, no signals of use and age (blade, Saya and Tuba) and no broken parts. It looks like the 
Tsuba is made of thick remaining iron. The kashira is also made of leather, possibly.

In addition the traditional Clay Tempering method was used on this blade. Clay tempering method is to apply clay on the spine of the blade, and mainly tempering the edge. This results a hardened edge and softened spine, makes it ideal for cutting. 

Upon physical inspection and without any proven document regarding its authenticity, this katana was hand-made probably made during early 20th century and were normally created by the Japanese Imperial Army called Gunto swords and which was in use by the Imperial Japanese Army until 1945. Such weapons came with returning GIs after WWII in high numbers to American collections. Mearto also offers authentication services.

Such pieces are being offered at auction on a regular basis. 

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$ 200 - 500

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